My only lover

You were my only lover 

And I told you I won't love another 
Why did you break my heart in two?
Didn't you know that my love for you was true?
You were the reason I lived for 
Now all I can say is that I don't want you no more 
Thinking of all the joy we shared 
And all these years knowing that we cared 
All I have left inside of me is memories
Of our love and how it used to be 
You're silently requested time apart
To leave me with pieces of broken heart 
Have you forgotten how to care?
To tell me you'll always be there?
You were my only light
With you I thought I'll be alright 
Once I gave you my hand
I thought you will understand 
Love is blind 
It's hard to say goodbye

Paying the price P.F.

I've been hurt once in my life 

And now I'm paying the price
It's hard to love someone who doesn't love you back 
And that all you see is black 
I gave him everything I can 
I really thought he was the right man
Communication was the only key
That I tried to make him see
He destroyed everything good in me 
All the love I had and will still gonna be 
I was gonna treat him like a king 
Caring for that person was my thing 
Maybe knowing him was a big mistake 
And now it's time for me to take a break

Have you ever loved someone ? P.F.

Sometimes when I'm alone 
I cry because I'm on my own 
When we first started being together everything seemed to be ok!
Until that day when he didn't want me to stay
I feel empty and cold inside 
My tears I always try to hide
Have you ever loved someone, but they didn't care?
Have you ever felt like crying but knew you'd get nowhere?
We did everything together 
We spent every day with each other 
I tried everything in my power to show him that I care 
But like what they all say life is not fair 
He broke my heart and left me sad 
And it did really feel bad 
Love is grand, yet it hurts so much 
When all you need is that sweet touch 

Only tears

Sometimes It's hard to forget about my past

Cause our love just went to fast
We were cool
When we were in school
I can't control my feelings
You're the one that I'm needing
I know that you loved me, we were like a family
But with all that you were playing games with me
I could see it in your eyes
All the things you were hiding inside
Nobody knows those special conversations on the phone
And now it's over and we're both so alone
Why did you hurt me, why did you cheat?
When you got all that you need
How could you love someone else?
When everything we had was sealed with a kiss
I told you that you're the one I need
But instead you made my heart bleed
Only tears I will cry
Now that you're not here
How can I continue to try?

My past

I can't believe it's true that you're not in my life

All these years you were saying that I will be your wife
Now I sit here in the dark 
Nothing but a broken heart
I trusted you like I have trusted no other
I thought our love was going to last forever
All my problems I hide it in my heart
If only I could forget about all my past
I gave up everything just to be with you
You don't even know what I was going through
How could you forget me so fast?
And forget the love we had in the past
After we made plans to spend our lives together
I thought what we had was meant to be forever
How can you ask me if I'm still in love with you again?
Can't you see that all you gave me was pain?
Why do you keep calling me on the phone?
I told you that I don't want you no more
Boy whatever you do, it will all come back to you
When I thought we could make it 
You had to go and break it

My Grandmother

I miss my grandmother so much

And I miss the way she used to say Chris it's okay with her touch
I wish you were here
To wipe away my tears
Whenever I had a chance I used to tell how I feel
Because my love for her was so real
She always tried to reunite the family all together
To make everybody happy together and forever
The day I lost you was the 27th of November
What happened to you grandma I still remember
Nobody knew where you were that night
I just wanted to see you, to hold you tight
My mom was looking for you everywhere
But she couldn't find you out there
Finally we got a phone call saying you died
I couldn't believe what they said I just cried
I still couldn't believe it so I called my best friend
Telling him that everything came to an end
My grandma just died today 
There's nothing I could do or say to make things okay
You're always going to stay in my heart forever
And one day I'll see you in heaven, we'll be together 

My story

Nobody really understand what I feel

Because I'm the one with a story and it's for real
The story begins with I loved this guy
And it ended by asking so many questions like why
See I loved you with all my heart and you loved me too
I was so good for you babe, I was true
Every time I think we're happy together
You keep telling me we'll be friends forever
How can you be my friend?
When you keep telling me sweet things 
like " I love you so much Chris"
You're the one I really miss
You're the one I need to see
And with only you I want to be
 If you don't want me just let me know
Because I have no time to waste I got to go
How could you look me in the eyes?
And still you tell me nothing but lies!!
Do you like the other girls?
Are they worth ruining our lives!!
No matter how much you try
You will never succeed
You will spend your days looking for love
When I have what you need

No heart

hearts are broken everyday

No matter what you may say 
It hurts so bad
It makes you feel so sad
You cry and cry
Over each one of his lies
You thought it was true
If you only knew he was playing you all along 
You wonder what you did wrong
It may be nothing you did
It's just he still acts like a little kid 
He has no heart
But he tears you apart
You love him so much
That you can still feel his touch
You wish he was still here
To pull you close to pull you near
But soon you'll get over the hurt
And soon prepare to flirt
But you know it won't be right
Not having him here at night
You dream of him as you lay in bed
And think of things you wish you said
You think you can forgive but never forget
But never live your life with regrets

Love is not like before

To all the girls outside
Don't give the guy too much
Just give him your sweet touch
Don't believe everything he says
Guys sometimes want to play
And when you're down, look into the sky
Be strong to say the word good bye
Love is not like before
Money is all what they're looking for
A lot of girls are blind
They don't know which guy is kind
And when they feel the pain
They just don't want to love again
Many years with the same guys, the two together
And when the guy change, he comes with another 
That's when she gets hurt by her lover
We all know, when a guy change
You'll just have memories of your past
That didn't even last
So don't cry girl, you'll find a better man
The one you'll live with him on a beautiful land

A good guy now, it's hard to find

Love hurts

I can't believe you left just like that

Leaving me with wondering if you're ever coming back
You could have told me what went wrong 
I could have sworn that our love was strong
I didn't know that everything you said was just a lie
You left me here to do nothing but cry
You were the one that holds the key
To the heart that is within side for me
Why has your love died for me?
We used to be as happy as we could be 
We were best friends for so many years
When I look back on the memories all I do now is shed tears
I'm lying here listening to our song
Thinking of how and why I liked you for so long
We grew up together, you and me
We're family, but now you don't even say hi
I'll wait for a day for us to always be together
Wait for the day to prove to the world our love was forever
Where ever I go there's nowhere to hide
From the memories of you I try to keep inside
You were my first love and boy it's true
I will never ever get over you

Last Goodbye

As we say goodbye, I know I lost you forever 

And as we hang up the phone that's the last time
We talked about if we left, that we'd always be good friends
But as we said good-bye, that seems to be the end 
Do I have to move on and leave you behind?
Since we got broken apart, and our love was denied?
I know I won't find another that will compare to what we had
It all seemed way too good, yet in the end it turned out bad
You have no clue what you're done to my heart
You made it go crazy then you tore it apart
Why do I still pretend I'm fine when it is obvious I'm not?
Why did I ever think you cared, tell me because I forgot
The pain doesn't seem to erase, it actually feels a lot worse
Why do I seem to always fall, it's like I'm under a curse
I prayed to God that you would change your way 
Still nothing, not even a call for my birthday 
Finally I give up and try to go in another direction 
But the other guys didn't give the same affection
What's the phrase that people say?
" If you were meant to be,
You'd find a way back to each other"
I wonder if that will be you and me
Because I'm afraid I can't love another

Love again

I just want to be over you, so why do my tears still fall?

You have hurt me the most, so why is it your name I call?
I trusted you with all that I had
Now my heart is broken and I'm so sad 
You made no promises, now i know why
You chose this way so you could live your lie
You think I was dumb, you think I didn't know
How you pretended and mislead me so
You know, you acted like a fool
But I loved you, you knew
the words were so true
Young and naive I stood by you
Fighting for you till the very end
Forsaking every single one of my friends
You flirted with others and I just couldn't see
It was really them you wanted, not me
You can't see that I'm hurting like you're blind to notice my pain 
The fact is that I will never love again 

Just another girl

It hurts inside

While I hold secrets and lies
It's hard to hold the tears back, when I dedicated you my life
I thought that we'd be together forever and one day you'll make me your wife
Hurting inside is all to be said
Unexplained answers running through my head
Relasing love that was crushed
True love that i rushed
If you want her just tell me because i'll leave you alone
It's finally official, your heart I do not own
You know that it hurts me; you can see it in my eyes
You can hear it when I speak, because it's hard to muffle the cries
All the conversations that we've recently had
Have made me quit happy and yet sad
You put my heart to the test
But you were no better than all the rest
You're only the person, who ruined my world
And I'm only your ex, just another girl

Her instead

You said you would always be near

So why do you run away my dear
You know I love you and that much I can say is true
But will I ever be happy? Will it ever be just me and you?
Why do you still hurt me if it's meant to be and it will be forever?
Can you sit there and say I am the one and you will leave me never?
The memories of you and me haunt me every time
I see your face or hear your name but it's not you to blame
I tried to believe you weren't a mistake 
But you're proved to me that you're a fake
All I did was try
And all you did was make me cry
My life is changing fast
Now you are just another guy in my past
I hurt knowing you're not mine
I'm guessing it was that time
Everyone can see I'm depressed and sad
Now I can understand, you want her instead 
It hurts with all my heart when you say mean things to my face
It digs deep in my heart and I can't ever really erase 


Sometimes I regret but I'll try to forget

All the pain you put me through so I need to get over you 
You pulled on the strings of my heart
I fell in love with you from the start 
See I tell myself I hate you, I pretend I've moved on 
But then I see you, those thoughts are all gone
Do I still love you? The answer I do not know
As much as I want to, I just can't let you go
Do I live without you and try to find someone new?
There are consequences to both choices, and I don't know what to do
Either way, I know I'll end up getting hurt
But I'm tired of you, treating me as bad as dirt
I hate to face the fact that I'll always love you
No matter how hard I try, there's nothing I can do
Sometimes you're bad. Sometimes you're good
But you see at the end I did the best I could 
I've cried so many tears as it would appear
Now that we are a bit apart I have this pain in my heart
How can you still love someone when you're never there
When you look me in the eyes and keep saying I care
Now that i'm still in love with you
I'm confused and lost don't know what to do

How do I?

How do i live without you?

How do i keep on breathing without you?
We're not together anymore
I wish you come and open that door
The one you closed, with your hands
You never took the time to understand
Again you called the other day
With a lot of things to say
But what's the use of you to call
Now that we're just friends you don't care at all
Sometimes love is not fair
When i needed you most, you were never there
Does your girl really love you?
Does she do whatever you ask her to?
How could you do this to me?
We're supposed to be building a family
You did me so wrong
I like to think i can forgive and move on
But i've seen it time and time again
You lose a good thing then you want it back again
And while my heart still longs for you 
My mind replays what we went through 

I Thought

I've cried oceans of tears 

I've wasted so many years
I waited for you to be a man
But instead you only ran
Ran away to my best friend
So this is how our love shall end
You told me you loved me
But I guess you changed your mind
It hurts so bad to know that you are not mine
Us holding hands, cuddling so close
You being there when I needed you the most
Now I guess I'm just a memory of your past
But all along I thought we would last
I never thought that you would leave me like this
After all these days we've been together 
I thought we're in love, forever and forever
Why did you have to do this?
What have I done to you?
Now there's nothing I can do
I know that I'm no longer on your list
And our love don't even exist

First day 

I still remember the first day when we met in school

Me and you everything seemed to be cool
When I accepted you as my lover
You were too busy loving another
I thought you were the one for me
But our love just wasn't meant to be
How could you break my heart so bad?
How could you make me feel so sad?
All you brought in my life was joy
But don't forget my heart is not a toy
You told me you'll always be true
All I did was for you and I told you that I love you
My love for you meant more than the world
I pray day and night asking my Lord
What did I do to deserve so much pain?
I can't live like this. It's driving me insane
Everything I tell you is so true 
I wish I never met you
I must forget that whole past
Cuz our relationship didn't last
All you have to know is how much I love you
And I will always do

A Fragile heart

My heart is full of pain

I don't know who I could talk to, to who to explain
My heart belonged to him
I was so in love it was deep within
Now that he's gone, my heart refuses to beat
I can't breath. He is the one I need
We promised each other that we would always be
Forever just you and me
How could you forget about the love we had?
I never knew that without your love I'd be sad
Why is it hard to love again?
And to forget the past and the pain
All these tears i've been holding on
And I tried so hard to be strong
When you decided to change your life
I still longed to be your wife
If I told you that I didn't love you  I'd be lying to myself
cause you're the one I wanted to be with
But how can you ask me to be with you,
When you're with someone else?
You got to forget me someday how



How may I look in the eye?

Without holding out a single cry
When I think of you in my mind
Remembering all the memories we left behind
We were inseparable two at one point in time
Telling people that I was yours and you'd be mine
I should have broken our relationship from the start
When i knew you, you were playing with my heart
Then one day I said it, I told you it was over
And your heart was broken you sat crying on my shoulder
People still think that you're my man
They don't even understand
What a waste of time I've wasted on you
Boy I should have known that your love wasn't true
You're close to being gone now and forever out of my life
You and I both hoped one day that i would be your wife
My foolish heart remembers your smile, your words, and your touch
I loved you so much
I wish I could runaway and hide
Of all of this pain I have inside
Love is blind how they all say
But you see I loved you in so many ways


Amo Daniel

Amo Daniel you were the best

From all the best
I know you're in a better place
One day I'll see your face
You were like a grandfather to me
And forever you'll always be
I felt your pain
And hope to see you again
You're in God's hands
In a better land
Tant Grace please don't cry
We're all going to die
I know it's hard to go on
But you gotta hold on
Death is something bad
And it makes people really sad
But always remember that Jesus died too
And he loved each one of you
I dedicate this poem to you
Amo Daniel I love you



You left me a message the other day

At least this time you had something to say
With you asking about how i was doing?
I said I'm fine, I'm living
That day i was very happy
I felt like everything came back to me
What are you trying to do?
Is it to make me fall for you?
I know that our love didn't end
And it's hard for us to be friends
But what do you think we should do?
Is it to love again just me and you
I see you and we feel the love all over again
A lot of things that makes us forget the pain
You call me whenever you need
You see baby, I gave up my heart for you to keep
I would never call
I won't bother at all
Why should I waste my time on you?
For you're not true!


Boy all I'm trying to do is to forget you

You even asked me once if I forgive you I said I do
But tell me how many times a girl could forgive
You see you're the only one I needed to be with
My love for you was so true
All I know is that I'm not like you
How dare you still call me on the phone?
Do you remember back in the days when you left me all alone?
See I was going to love you for life
And you were going to be my husband and I was going to be your wife
My silly heart remembers lots of things
When not long ago I was your everything
And all these turned out to be nothing
Boy ask yourself what went wrong
When all I wanted was to be in love and remain strong
I felt so lonely, cold and sad
Just thoughts of us and what we had
You changed so fast no warning at all
You weren't there like you said, you let me fall
Forget me, forget my name
Now you don't care about anything
But one day you will remember that I was your everything


Falling apart 

Just woke up in the morning not knowing what to do

So I decided to write to you
One day I know I'm going to leave
I know it's hard to believe
But that's what I have to do
To get over you
I can't sleep at night
When you're on my mind
I only think of you as breaking my heart
I'm trying to keep it together but I'm falling apart
A lot of times I call you to talk to you
You always say baby I'll call you back, I have something to do
So i put my cell phone next to me
Waiting to see your number on my caller ID
I even fall asleep knowing that you didn't even call
Does that really mean you don't care at all?
Why am I the one who ended up hurt?
You're the one that treated me like dirt!
It seems that you don't want me, I can move on and forget
Cuz you're the only one who will be left with regrets

For all the broken girls

This is for all you broken girls; I want you to dry your tears

Stand up and look into the mirrors, face your scariest fears
You think you can't live without him, don't worry, I thought that too
But now I have picked myself up, and I am going to start a new
If he had really truly loved you, why did he make you cry?
If he wanted to spend forever with you, why did he make you want to die?
Each of you is beautiful; don't let him bring you down
You have people surrounding you, who will always be around
Do not let him do this to you; you are worth so much more
Then look at him and smile, tell him just what he's lost
Ask him if he realizes, what loosing you has cost
Now stand and walk away, hold each beautiful head up high
Each of you is loved an special, you don't need a guy


Forever we said 

Forever we said we could be together, us two

How did I fall in love with you?
We did everything together
We spent every day with each other
You promised me that you'll stay
Close to me each and every day
Why did you leave me alone?
Why was it hard for you to call me on my phone?
All you had to do was to be there
And show to me that you care
You promised to be always with me till the end
You talk about being a lover and you failed to be a friend
Do you remember when we were in love we'd talk every day?
And when someone else would say hi to the other, we'd get jealous in everyway
So many times I've tried to forgive you with my heart
But it was too hard because I knew once again we'd part


How can you do this to me ?

It's driving me crazy, can't you see?
I've loved you for so long
Now in return, you're doing me wrong
What did I do? What did I say?
To make you just walk away?
I have to know before I go mad
I'm tired of feeling down and sad
Do you have a new lover?
What have you discovered?
Do you honestly not care?
I thought we had a love that was rare
Now everything came to an end
And that you lost a really good friend
I was your girl too
Stupid me to fall in love with you
I did the best I can
Helped you to be a better man
What more can I do?
My love was all given to you
But I guess my love was never enough for you
You can't even imagine what I'm still going through

G.smith part 2 

You hurt me when you left me, all alone in pain

You hurt me when you broke your promises again and again
Was I that bad to you?
Tell me because I need to know
You told me to wait and things will come out fine
Give me time to make the move, all I need is time
You hurt me real bad, for what reason, I'll never know
But I will still think of you, even if you told me you had to go
You always tell me, we are meant to be
But when it came to actions, there was nothing for me to see
I am now sad and hurt J.P. for belonging in you
I should have seen it coming before I fell in love with you
What a shame, you wasted both our times
I pushed so many away, thinking one day you would be mine



I was so blind to think you were true

Did stupid things, tried to believe in you
You left me for another
I promised that we'd always be together
I'm trying so hard to get on with my life and move on
But still so hard to believe that you are really gone
I want you back, it's driving me insane
How could you cause me so much pain?
I'm stuck at home trying to get you off my mind
But your voice, face, and picture is all I seem to find
I don't know what happened, or where I went wrong
Why do I feel like this? We were together for so long
I can't let go, I get stuck in the past
I should have known we could never last
I wish there was more hours in a day
So in your presence longer I can stay
You still want me to be your friend
How can you, when everything came to an end


Never push your guy to love you

He should be doing all that to you
Always remember that if you feel the pain
Leave the guy and don't you ever go back again
If not, it's going to hunt you for the rest of your life
And it's going to kill you, like someone with a knife
Girls are so nice
But at the end they pay the price
There's nothing wrong
For girls to stay strong
And when you leave you ex
There's nothing you can fix
It's like when you break something
The broken pieces you keep finding
Guys play with your emotions
And make the relationship full of commotion
They tell you they love you and hurt your feeling
Whenever they don't even know the meaning


I'm writing you this letter telling you how I feel
I am very hurt right now I wish it weren't for real
Why did you have to do this?
You're the one I really miss
Don't say you're sorry if you're really not
Don't say you'll give it all you've got
Don't say you want me if it's just a lie
Don't break my heart, because you'll only make me cry
Love was never the option, I never wanted to face the pain
So when I thought it must be love
I turned around and walked the other way
I know you have many problems and your life is sh**
So please understand and let me organize it
I can't help it if I love you still
I just can't help it I love you and I always will
You loved me and I loved you
And what we had together nobody could ever undo

How people feel 

You did hurt me for so long

My friends are telling me to stay strong
Why should I care?
For someone who was never there
Now you have someone new
Hope she's going to love you
Now that I know who's she
You know one thing babe she'll never be like me
I hate you and I hate your face
Memories of you and me, it's something that I should erase
Stop asking me to be your friend
This has got to come to an end
If you were a human , you'll know how people feel
Of hurt and pain, it's something for real
I will never forgive you J
Don't you ever call me your baby
There's no turning back
I don't love you boy, that's a fact
Go ahead live your life
Find yourself a better wife
I'm not going to waste my time
Cause without you boy i'm doing just fine

I cry 

Sometimes when I'm alone

I cry because I'm on my own
The tears I cry are bitter and warm
They flow with life but take no form
I cry because my heart is torn
And I find it difficult to carry on
Have you ever loved someone so much but they never understood?
When you were trying so hard to be good?
I have tried so hard to make things work between us
But some things are just a must
You mean more than the world to me
And now with someone else you will probably be
Days I'll pick up the phone and give you a call
Days I'm so sad I don't want to talk to you at all
Can't feel you anymore, where has love gone?
I am torn once more, thought you were the one

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