Corona Virus 

Now when people come close to us, we turn the other way
We live in a different world as of today
One word from you Lord
Will end all of this virus in this world 
This Corona virus is a lesson for all the people out there 
For us to stick together and to care 
Sin is what brought us to here 
Not knowing what will happen this year
But one thing is clear
That the Lord is near
As much as we need a vaccine 
We also need a spiritual routine
We all know this is going to last long 
But we need to stay strong 
Some lost health 
While other lost breath
Hospitals came short of beds
causing death, deaths and deaths

Virus (2020)

The world woke up one day not knowing what to do
This virus took control of everything we do 
Lord I speak to this virus right now in Jesus's name 
Satan is the only one to blame 
Us humains have to stay at home like prisoners 
Not welcoming any visitors 
Since when people hides from a disease 
Now the whole world is on their knees 
Praying for a better day
Cause you're the truth and the only way
People can't see their loved ones anymore
Because of this virus that made it a war 
Telling people to keep their distance 
What about our existence 
God open their eyes for people to see
That to all this suffering, you're the only key 
Walls are falling as this virus shakes our world
We need you right now oh Lord
You're the only one who can heal
Cause what we're facing is real 

Our friend

The lord will sustain us till the end

For he is our savior and faithful friend
He will answer us when we call
He will pick us up if we should fall
Where ever you may be today
Get down on your knees and love the lord in each way
Then invite him into your life
He will relieve you of all troubles and strife
Thank you lord, for dying in my place
I crave the day when I'll see your precious face
When the enemy of love takes control
Invite God into your heart and your soul
My lord is with me when no one else is
What's his is mine. What's mine, is his
Sometimes, in my journal, I write my lord a letter
Soon after, with fail, my lord has made me better

Jesus loved him anyway

A cross the table he looks at his face
Desperatley hoping to show him his grace
He taught him the ways of his father above
Showing him kindness, patience and love
How can the Lord feel a love so strong?
For the man who will do him so wrong?
For Jesus had to know from the start
The spirit that Judas has in his heart
Over three years they walked side by side
The humble master and the servant full of pride
Jesus loved him beyond his wildest dreams
Even though he saw his future scemes
Jesus said: (love your enemy) you see
And he loved Judas no matter what came to be
We all have a Judas in our life
That someone always causing a strife
What if you knew he's help bring your death?
Could you love him through your dying breath?
Could you walk with him every day?
Always sharing Christ, even knowing what you'll pay?


Best friend

When i was alone and had nothing

Lord, you're the one who told me I'm your everything

Being a girl I am sure to make mistakes

But to keep you in my life I would do it all it takes

I tell you all about the troubles that i go through each day

And i ask you dear Lord will you please show me the way

My heart is breaking can't you see

Please God help me. Set it free

Lord you look at my life and see what's best

I trust you to do the rest

When I was lonely and needed a friend

You always made the loneliness end

I have no time to wasted

I still have a lot to face

A lot of people need to hear about you Christ

I will praise your name like I did before

And also for this year 2004

It's sad to know that my grandma just passed away

I love you was the only word I wanted to say

I know that she's in a better place

All the love she gave me it's something I can't erase

When you hear these words I wrote please try to see

It is God's love here that is given to me

Give your heart today

Another new year
People don't worry, the Lord is near
What a beautiful day
To praise the Lord with a lot of things to say
I write to all of you
But a lot don't have a clue
About Jesus' name
He'll change you and you'll never be the same
Open your heart
Don't you know that he loved you from the start?
God knows your weakness and all your sins
He will make you strong for a new time to begin
Give the Lord your best
Don't be like the rest
Life is too short, we all know
So stay close to the Lord, don't let him go
He's the king
To only him we should all sing
And if we don't pray we'll never find a way
So don't be afraid
To give him your heart today


I lost my two grandmothers in less than a year
Sometimes I sit and ask God why they're not near
God looks at me and say don't worry my child
They're in heaven, they're near, so don't fear
Every night I cry myself to sleep from all the pain
And the more I pray for sunny days it seems to rain
But when I think of your love
Of you Jesus I'll never get enough
It's hard to lose someone you really care for
Lord please let me be stronger than before
People should believe a little more
Because faith is the key that opens up the door
Life is getting harder without you Lord
When will you come and save the whole world
When you were here everything was so right
Lord please don't ever leave my sight
People should know the love of God is so true
And that Jesus died on the cross for each one of you
His love is always with you
His promises are true
And when we give him all our cares
You know he will see us through

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