The Letter

To all men out there 
For your woman you should care 
Tell her how much you love her everyday
With you forever she'll want to stay
Don't ever yell at her or saying " you know nothing "
Cause one day you'll realize that this women is your everything  
Always put her first in your life 
This lady might be your wife 
And man take her hand 
Make her understand 
That she's the only one you really love
And the one you're thinking of 
When you feel like she's sad 
Come close to her and make her laugh, don't ever get her mad
There is no need to fight
But instead make everything alright
To every man in this world, this is the letter 
That you should all read to make things better 

Put your woman first

Always love your woman, keep her first in your life

And she will always be there, to kiss away your strife
Always pull out chairs, and hold open every door
Kiss her on the forehead, and leave her wanting more
Treat your woman right
And hold her so close to you, so tight
Don't you ever leave your lady sad?
If you do you'll always feel bad
Always be there for your lady
And be happy cause one day she'll have your baby
Make her feel good
Give her everything you should
Don't you ever make her cry?
But instead say that you're sorry and that you'll try
A woman needs that protection
With so much love affection
A woman wants love made first to her mind
Respecting her mentally, giving her space and time

Our love

How do you still want me to be your friend?

When you know that our love didn't end
We don't act like we're friends when we see each other
I still remember the day when I said I won't love another
Things changed and we're both not the same
Should I try to even forget your name?
To us love was everything
Look at us now we're nothing
Why you keep doing this to me?
When you say Chris you're the one I want to see
We're not lovers anymore
You're the one who said that our love should walk out the door
Why can't you try?
To be the perfect guy
I know you still love me so much
And you always miss my sweet touch
You see I really tried
And you know that I never lied

My own

How can I be your only one in your life?

What will I be for you your friend or your wife?
You're confusing me with everything you do
Haven't I told you that I'm in love with you?
How can I keep my feelings inside?
When you're the one I need by my side
How can I not suffer baby
When all I wanted was to be your lady
What can I say to make you come back home
What do I do to make you my own?
I loved you for such a long time
And I thought with only you I'd be fine
You think what you're telling me is so true
But sometimes I still think I'm the girl for you
One day you're loving me
The next day you're gone
How do you want me to go on?
We tried to talk last night
But it ended in a fight
You left me so confused
See I thought things were cool
I thought I was the one for you


Why is love so hard to find?

Isn't love supposed to be kind?
What are these feelings I feel?
Is it my heart trying to heal?
I guess it wasn't meant to be
Even though you broke my heart and through away the key
You had your own problems and yes I had mine
We weren't strong enough to make it, you never had the time
I trusted you with all that i had
And now it seems that it has all gone bad
You say you will be there when I need someone the most
But when I try to talk to you, you just act like I am a ghost
Each tear that had fallen told a story of different times
When each day I was yours and you were mine
I've wasted enough tears on you, I won't waste anymore
So just stop begging me to go back to before
You once held my heart and you chose to make it bleed
Tampered and played with it, instead of giving me what I need
It doesn't hurt as much as it did; I learned to take my heart and leave
I can't believe that I believed what you said
I can't believe that I was so naive

I had your heart

I've lost you one time, and once was too much

Just sitting alone wishing you were here to touch
It's hard for me to replace you
When deep down inside I know I love you
And I know you'll change
There's no one to blame 
I just want our love back to stay the same
Every time that we're far away
I miss you even more each and every day
I'll admit that I'm afraid that one day you'll go away
But I'm still hoping that my arms is where you want to stay 
I keep praying for you and me
If this love should last for eternity 
I still dream of you like it was yesterday
When I had your heart but now it's far away 
I can't get you out of my mind
A guy like you it's hard to find
What I feel inside of me babe it's love
You're the only one i'm thinking of
I wish you were here 
Because life's better when you're near
You're sleeping at home are you dreaming of me?
Anywhere you're at is where I want to be 

Back to my Paper 

Back to my paper

To write to you again
In my heart is where you'll find your name
My love for you will always be the same
Hearing the phone ring and knowing it's you
Watching you laugh at the things the kids do
Knowing you missed me when you walk through the door
Has made me love you even more
You convince my mind, the world is free
And God had made us, simply meant to be
Together we'll make it, not one but two hearts
Slowly it gathers a tale which soon starts
There are so many things that you do
That make me, again, fall in love with you
I've known you for ten years
You were always in my dreams
I love the way you get angry when something goes wrong
The way you sing along to your favorite song
This poem i wrote, I don't simply doubt
I wouldn't be alive, if him I was without

A dream

Couldn't sleep last night, too busy thinking about you

Can't get you out of my head, but what am i supposed to do?
Every night while I sleep I dream about me and you
For us to finally be together, would a dream come true
I can't seem to do anything without you in my head
Every night i sit and think about you as I lie awake in bed
Everytime I'm around you, you take my breath away
I wish that  I could be with you every minute of every day
When I'm with you I start to shake I can't think of what to say
My heart starts beating really fast and all my fears simply melt away
As I stare into your eyes I always seem to get lost
I would give anything to be with you no matter what the cost
I think I'm going crazy, I just don't know what to do
My heart controls my mind, I've fallen in love with you


Boys always say

They are better in every way
They say they are always right
But still they always fight
I guess it never got through to boys
That you're not supposed to treat life like a toy
Girls always try to forget their past
A love that they knew it wouldn't last
And when they finally forget
Guys come back with regrets
Why can't men understand?
To do everything, to be the best that they can
They would act like they care
Until they get to you, you know where
You would wonder why they haven't called
But you know that they are probably with another girl at the mall
They'll take your heart and tear it in two
They'll rip you apart as they say 'I love you'
You'll fall for their tricks and believe they will change
But for years to come they remain the same
When you think that you're in love, be careful if you can
Before you give your heart away, make sure he is a man


Do you care? 

I love you more that I can explain

But you must don't see all the pain
It's like you don't even care
And you were basically never there
I guess it's true what they say
First love never really goes away
You are a special man that touched my life so deep
I gave you my heart it's now yours to keep
Do you ever miss me?
Do you still think our love was pure and true?
Do you listen to the song?
The one we called our own?
All I want is for you to tell me exactly how you feel
I'd rather be hurt than keep believing what you say is real
A million times in 7 years
My haunted memories bring me to tears
My body, my soul, both are broken
I want to sleep and never be woken
Into your arms I stumble and fall
Sobbing and mumbling making no sense at all
I know the reason you don't call
I don't cross your mind at all
My heart is broken, my mind is a mess
I can't eat or sleep all this I confess 
I need you in my heart

No matter how much you've torn it apart
If there be pain, all you need to do
Is call on me to be with you
And before you hang up the phone
You will no longer be alone
Together we can never fall
Because our love will conquer all
If there be pain, reach out for a helping hand
And I shall hold you wherever I am
Every breath I breath will be into you
For without you here my joy is through
I vow to never break your heart or never let you down
For better or worse, I'll always be around
My life was lived through falling rain
So call on me if there be pain

In the car

I still remember the first day we kissed in the car

People were looking at us from far
How can I forget about all the love we had?
Baby without you all these years I was sad
I remember when we took a break we left each other for one day
The next day we got back together
Without words to say
You stomped on my heart, you ripped it away
And still my love was here to stay
You in memories so real like now
And still inside I'm wondering how
Will the pain ever subside?
Brining happiness inside
A heart that loved you so much
And always longing for your touch
When I had no brother, no friend
You always made the loneliness end
See my feelings for you were there to lift me up
Your name is written in my heart for always
I don't care what people say or do anyways

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